How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Shopify Website

In order to build a successful brand in today’s e-commerce landscape —merchants need to possess empathy, hospitality, service design, anticipation and know their audience. The best way to improve your conversion rate is to listen to your customers needs. The best way to evaluate user needs is to conduct a heuristic evaluation of your Shopify store. Ask yourself. What ARE the customers objections? Do we have a clear sense of them? If not, run a survey and ask them what held them back from purchasing. Where can we address their issues and objections? Issues and objections can be squashed through strategic placement of copy throughout the site. Examples of placement include the announcement bar above the header, on the product detail page, and in the mini cart / or cart page.

Heuristic evaluations are checklists that involve running through a series of criteria for a properly-working website and assessing whether yours meets them – or what you can do to improve. As a merchant selling online with a strong strategy, it’s important to create an e-commerce experience customers won’t forget with the quickest path to purchase. When performing a heuristic evaluation on your site, you’ll need a series of heuristics to go by. Here’s a good list that we use for our clients, that you can use for your site, all focused on keeping the customer moving towards conversion.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist

1. Does checkout work the same on every browser and on every kind of device?
2. Are there rendering errors? Check google analytics to check which browsers have a lower conversion rate – there may be a lurking bug with that specific browser.
3. Does layout work well across a variety of screen sizes? Try resizing the homepage, product page and collection page windows from large to small while watching every detail of the page, or use Google chrome inspector to mimic different device widths.
4. Is the site equally fast on every browser and on every platform?
5. Have you minimized the number of form fields necessary to complete a transaction? For instance, we always eliminate the company form field, and unless it’s necessary for the merchant to collect a phone number or they partake in SMS marketing, we suggest that they don’t. Another one that merchants think they need, but actually don’t, are order notes. Unless you are selling heavy items or items that include lots of gifts, remove this field.

eCommerce Shopify Mobile Checklist

1. If there is hover on desktop, is there a fallback for touch screen? Animation and motion are trendy for desktop, but if it’s slowing down the mobile experience, then we recommend eliminating.

Evaluate Your Shopify Web Design

1. Does your value proposition match your business goals? Is this communicated to the customer? For instance, if you have sustainability practices, do you communicate this on the product page?
2. Do you speak directly to the customer? Use “you” instead of “I”
3. Do you allude to the customers pains, and offer your product as a solution to those pains?
4. Do you have custom landing pages to pitch to alternate market segments?
5. Do you have lifecycle emails (we prefer to use Klaviyo), or automatic emails, configured to upset people to other products? Do you have the bare minimum of automatic emails set up – for most merchants, we recommend: A. Welcome Email. B. Abandoned Cart Email C. Browse Abandonment 4. Post-Purchase Email 5. Thank You Email. 6. Back in Stock notification email
6. Is the popup email asking for the email address actually providing them with value? There needs to be creative copy and a compelling call to action. Try swapping the word “Subscribe” with “Unlock Discount”

Gather eCommerce Research Insights

1. What is the bounce rate? How can u improve this number?
2. Are people clicking and scrolling where u want them to?
3. In user testing, did any issues come up with the navigability of the site? Or ability for people to successfully complete their transaction?


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